Elizabeth, IL

Paul Eshelman

Eshelman’s functional pottery is his cultural attempt, through the material of clay, to bring order and human dignity to the merely physical act of consuming food and drink. “As my pots are used daily, I hope that they carry measures of quiet and nourishment for body and spirit. I imagine people at a dinner table, workspace, or office cubicle where food and drink are served and humanized by hospitable, well-ordered pots.” Since 1988, Eshelman and his wife, Laurel, have been living and making pottery in Elizabeth, Illinois, a small farming community in northwestern Illinois.

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Santa Fe, NM

Bianka Groves

Bianka Groves received her BFA from Corcoran College of Art & Design (Washington, DC). Her work is simple and calm; it is intended to add balance to a fast-paced world. There is a bold contrast between the white of the porcelain and the incised black lines but her sense of touch is very delicate.

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Shafer, MN

Tom Jaszczak

Originally from Minnesota, Tom Jaszczak received a BA in visual art and a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry from Bemidji State University (MN). Jaszczak was an assistant to both Simon Levin and Tara Wilson. He was a summer resident and a long-term resident at the Archie Bray Foundation. In the fall of 2015, Jaszczak began a three-year residency with his wife, Maggie Jaszczak at the Penland School of Craft (Mitchell County, NC). In 2018, the Jaszczaks put down permanent roots in Shafer, Minnesota, where they live in a farmhouse and work in a barn-style studio.

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Dixon, NM

Betsy Williams

Betsy Williams and her husband, stone sculptor Mark Saxe, own Rift Gallery in Rinconada, New Mexico. Williams earned a liberal arts degree at St. John’s College—the "Great Books" school (Santa Fe, NM) —then went on to become a money market trader at a Japanese bank in Manhattan. She ultimately left that job for a pottery apprenticeship in Karatsu, Japan, under Yutaka Ohashi (1994 –1999), and has been a potter since. Williams says "Individual pieces, modest in scale, are at the heart of my work. I concentrate on unobtrusively conveying a sense of quiet attention and mystery. To my mind, the best pots are both understated and forthright, and can seem both new and familiar at the same time. They make themselves useful."

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