Collection: Amanda Dobbratz

South Saint Paul, MN

Amanda Dobbratz graduated with a Masters in Research in creative practice from Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, UK. Previously, she received a BFA in studio art from the University of Wisconsin–Stout. Dobbratz was a lead artist at the Watershed Artists Inviting Artists summer residency program in Newcastle, Maine, in 2019 and an invited artist in 2017. She makes functional, complex handbuilt forms which marry the whimsical and the pragmatic, often conveying a sense of play and humor. Dobbratz is a believer of “more is more,” and the richly detailed surfaces of her work serve as an elegant testament to that sentiment. Her colors and patterns reference desert landscapes, body ornamentation, and historical textiles. She distills shapes and colors from her sources into a personal taxonomy of symbols. Dobbratz was a 2015 Anonymous Potter Studio Fellow at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently serves as the Marketing & Technology Manager at Northern Clay Center.