American Pottery Festival Preview

The American Pottery Festival Preview is your ONLY chance to see, and purchase, work by our visiting APF artists until APF Opening Night on Friday, September 6.

All contributions support NCC’s mission of advancement of the ceramic arts for artists, learners, and the community through education, exhibitions, scholarships, and grant programs. APF serves as an accessible platform to bring together makers, clay lovers, learners, collectors, and simply the curious, to play and be inspired.

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Patty Bilbro, Andy Bissonnette, Bekah Bliss, Yael Braha, Sam Briegel, Sarah Chenoweth Davis, John Cohorst, Will Dickert, Jennifer Fujimoto, Stuart Gair, Mary Gattorna of Weather Report Ceramics, Kenyon Hansen, Alisa (AL) Holen, Meredith Host, Peter Jadoonath, Nicole McLaughlin, Didem Mert, Kim Murton, Matt Repsher, Andrew Rivera, Masa Sasaki, Sam Taylor, Jerilyn Virden, and Dallas Wooten.