APF Ceramics by Artist

Annually, NCC extends invitations to artists with diverse representation as a priority. These artists represent rich, lived experiences and varying perspectives whose pots display a vast array of techniques, aesthetics, and materials as well as pathways to a career in clay. The richness of experience, knowledge, and generosity represented by 2023’s artists will provide learning opportunities for everyone, from student to collector to fellow maker. The weekend is filled with opportunities to engage directly with artists during image presentations, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, and casual gallery chats. Scholarships are available for all workshops.

Madrid, NM

Patty Bilbro

Bilbro creates both functional and non-functional work utilizing wheel-thrown and hand-built forms with geometric patterns and free-form illustrations.

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Lincoln, NE

Andy Bissonnette

Bissonnette is acutely interested in the union of form, surface, utility, and the relationship between clay body and glaze.

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Kansas City, MO

Bekah Bliss

Bekah Bliss' functional ceramics are carefully considered—utilizing textured surfaces, modeled on elements of nature and architecture.

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Seagrove, NC

Yael Braha

Yael Braha creates functional ceramics with bold and stylized surface patterns which feature tessellations, optical, and geometrical illusions.

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Randallstown, MD

Sam Briegel

Sam Briegel grew up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, TN. She was awarded her MFA in ceramics from Ohio University (Athens) in 2018 and went on to a year-long residency at District Clay Center in Washington, DC.

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Philadelphia, PA

Sarah Chenoweth Davis

Sarah Chenoweth Davis earned an MFA in applied craft and design from the Oregon College of Art and Craft and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and a BA in biology from the College of Wooster in Ohio.

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Omaha, NE

John Cohorst

John Cohorst, a Midwest-based artist, creates functional and sculptural art objects. He holds a BFA and MA with a concentration in functional ceramics from Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, KS).

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Candler, NC

Will Dickert

Will Dickert creates stoneware pottery and vessels in his shared studio space situated among a vibrant community of makers and artists along the French Broad River.

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Seattle, WA

Jennifer Fujimoto

Jennifer Fujimoto's art conveys themes rooted in her mixed-race heritage and the universal desire for connection with others. It features delightfully expressive faces and simple line art with bold splashes of color and references traditional Japanese and European motifs.

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Athens, OH

Stuart Gair

Stuart Gair grew up in Northeast Ohio where his interests in local materials, historiography, and the ceramic process first began. He often references past cultures and civilizations in his work as a way to understand specific groups through the objects they created. 

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New York, NY

Mary Gattorna of Weather Report Ceramics

Gattorna's vessels are inspired by a lifelong obsession with dramatic landscapes and skies, and are created with the intention of enhancing the drama and distinctiveness of flora and fauna.

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Dollar Bay, MI

Kenyon Hansen

Kenyon Hansen is a studio potter and educator in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. His work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions around the country and abroad.

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Evansville, IN

Alisa (Al) Holen

Al Holen's ceramic work focuses on formal and metaphorical relationships, often staging forms in postures of dependency, elevation, support, aggression, or comfort. Her work is nearly always functional while maintaining a strong sculptural presence.

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Kansas City, MO

Meredith Host

Meredith Host produces contemporary tableware and textiles with retro flair. Her dot patterns are inspired by her collection of toilet paper and paper towel designs.

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Shafer, MN

Peter Jadoonath

Jadoonath’s work is centered around functional, narrative-driven pottery with a sculptural presence. He describes it best in his own words: “My intent is to create pots that are drawings, and drawings that are pots.”

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Yarmouth Port, MA

Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin was born and raised in Massachusetts but spent much of her early childhood in Mexico. As a first generation Mexican-American, she is heavily influenced by her multicultural upbringing and her childhood memories of visiting her mother’s home town of Cuernavaca, Mexico.

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Sebastopol, CA

Didem Mert

Didem Mert (she/they) was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. Mert received their BFA in ceramics from Northern Kentucky University (Highland Heights) in 2014 and MFA in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2017.

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Vancouver, WA

Kim Murton

Kim Murton combines illustrating with clay by painting on handbuilt and wheel-thrown cups and plates. Her sculptures are painted with colored slips. All of her work is inspired by Pre-Columbian art and contemporary comics.

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Santa Fe, NM

Matt Repsher

Matt Repsher’s exposure to art, design, and ceramics started early—learning from his father about making pots. Repsher earned his BFA in ceramics from Penn State and then went on to receive his MFA from Indiana University in 2003.

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Hutchinson, MN

Andrew Rivera

Andrew Rivera is inspired by function, history, design, and culture. His wares reflect on personal identity and his Mexican heritage.

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Atlanta, GA

Masa Sasaki

Masa Sasaki, is a classically-trained artist, with multi-facetted interests. He is an accomplished pianist, award-winning painter, and uniquely stylistic potter.

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Westhampton, MA

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is a self-described “slow potter,” making pots on his foot-powered treadle wheel and handbuilding functional forms, using local materials and firing them in his wood kiln. Pottery, art, and collaboration are the main ingredients in his life.

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Greensboro, VT

Jerilyn Virden

Jerilyn Virden is a studio artist and along with her husband, glass artist Devin Burgess, they co-own Borealis Studios, comprising Virden’s pottery studio and her husband’s glass studio.

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Hackettstown, NJ

Dallas Wooten

Wooten’s work explores historically utilitarian and simple forms. These pots are then adorned with process and gestural marks abstracted into status-based patterns, such as vine scroll and floral imagery.

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