Collection: Jill Foote-Hutton

Raytown, MO

Whether spinning her own tales, chronicling observations from the world of clay and the world at large, or facilitating other’s voices through word and form, Jill Foote-Hutton has always been committed to the craft of storytelling. Born and raised by the descendants of hillbillies, Foote-Hutton is an artist following in the tradition of medicine woman and storyteller through her creative practice dubbed Whistlepig Studio. “Monster” is a device she uses to engage a conversation about the disparities of what we think and what we do, about the distance between two human beings, and the nature of lightness and darkness. She posits that totem, talisman, god, demon, angel, witch, hero, and spirit (from any tradition) have been equally used as devices of liberation and oppression. Renamed “Guardian Monsters” in her practice, Foote-Hutton, aims to seize the power of those objects from an authoritarian state of mind and put power back into the hearts and minds of the individual. They are a shibboleth. They are an interpretation. They are multivalent.