Collection: Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery

Duluth, MN

Richard Gruchalla and Carrin Rosetti are a husband-and-wife collaborative team making wheel-thrown and handbuilt Raku fired pottery. Gruchalla is an accomplished clay worker with over 50 years of experience as a professional potter. Rosetti is a trained fiber artist. Over 30 years ago, she brought her vision as a colorist and her exceptional skill in the presentation of fine detail to the clay studio. Gruchalla is responsible for the wet-working of the pottery; wheel throwing, slab construction, burnishing, or the addition of extra texture and carving. He also does the actual firing of the pieces in the Raku kiln. Rosetti takes care of the detailed glazing of the carved surfaces and collaborates with Gruchalla on forms, glazes, studio output and marketing. Final embellishments include the addition of copper wire and, sometimes, metallic leaf and small wooden pegs. Their pieces are intended to be decorative objects, but may be used with the understanding that they are softer than stoneware, thus more fragile. They are food-safe, but not necessarily watertight.