Collection: Andy Bissonnette

Lincoln, NE

Andy Bissonnette, a recent MFA graduate from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, is a potter and educator currently residing in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is acutely interested in the union of form, surface, utility, and the relationship between clay body and glaze. He is interested in historical uses of pottery, both narrative and utilitarian, and often looks to the past when conceiving his work. His influences are far and many, ranging from Northern Song Dynasty Celadons to the form language developed by the ancient Greeks, to the modernist aesthetic of the Bauhaus in Germany.

Prior to graduate school, Bissonnette spent over a decade as a designer in the Minneapolis advertising community where he developed and nourished his penchant for subtle details. He crafts his pots with this same care and rigor which can be seen in his precisely fitting lids, carefully sculpted handles, and elegant vessel forms.