Collection: Amy Joy Hosterman

Loveland, CO

Fascinated by rocks, dirt, history, and process, Amy Joy Hosterman has been researching and collecting wild clays and minerals across the country since earning her BFA in ceramics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2010. Her work focuses on the continual study of clay and its role in the natural cycles of our terrestrial world, and comments on our absurd relationships with our environment. Hosterman covers her slab-built pottery in repetitive illustrations, using stamps to narrate complex stories with simplified images, and contrasts the bare clay surface with brightly colored commercial glazes. Hosterman co-founded the Visitor Center Artist Camp (Ewen, MI), a near-wilderness artist residency and environmental arts workshop site in Upper Michigan, where she has developed and directed the Wild Clay Workshop each summer since 2014. She creates under the name Stinky Cheese Ceramics at her studio in Loveland, CO, and teaches workshops while traveling and hunting for wild clays across the country.